Symposium Venue

Conference venue would be Holiday Inn Ankara Çukurambar

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ANKARA is the capital city of Turkey and the second largest city. Located in Central Anatolia. Ankara is a cosmopolitan city with impressive public buildings, wide avenues, parks, an opera, and an international airport.

Anıtkabir(Atatürk Mausoleum) 
Located on an imposing hill in the Anıttepe quarter of the city stands the mausoleum of Kemal Atatürk,founder of the Republic of Turkey.completed in 1953,it is an impressive fusion of ancient and modern architectural ideas and remains unsurpassed as an accomplishment of modern Turkish architecture. There is a museum housing a superior wax statue of Atatürk; writings, letters and items belonging to Atatürk,as well as an exhibition of photographs recording important moments in his life and in the establishment of the Republic. 


The museum of Anatolian Civilizations 
It is close to the citadel entrance.An old bedesten(covered bazaar)has been beautifully restored and now houses a marvelous and unique collection of Paleolithic,Neolithic,Hatti, Hittite,Phrygian,Urartian and Roman works and showpiece Lydian treasures. 

The Ethnography Museum 
It is opposite the Opera House on Talat Paşa Boulevard.There is a fine collection of folkloric artifacts as well as artifacts from Seljuk and Ottoman mosques. 

The Painting and Sculpture Museum 
It is close to the Ethnography Museum and houses a rich 
collection of Turkish art from the late 19th century to the 
present day.There are also galleries for guest exhibitions. 

The Liberation War Museum,diagonally across the street from Ulus Square,is in what was originally the first parliement building of the Republic of Turkey. There the War of Liberation was planned and directed as recorded in various photographs and items on exhibition. In another display are wax figures of former presidents of the Republic of Turkey. 

The Museum of the Republic,close to the Liberation War Museum,is housed in what was the second parliement building of the Republic. The exhibition here records important events 

Atatürk’s House is on the grounds of the Presidential Palace in Cankaya and was Atatürk’s House after the founding of the republic. The house is much as it was in Atatürk’s day,and exhibits photogrphs that record important events. 

PTT Museum collections were begun between 1880 and 1888 by then Postal Director Izzet Efendi. The Museum in Altındag was opened in 1982,and contains a postal display,a telegraph and telephone display,and a stamp display. 

The TRT Museum has exhibits from the beginning of radio in Turkey,including antique phonographs and radios. It is located in the TRT General Directorate building in the Oran discrict. 

Mehmet Akif Ersoy Museum,on the Hacettepe University Central Campus,commemorates the famous national poet who,in this house,wrote the text of the Turkish national anthem,as well as songs of independence,and many poems.